A Quick Fix For Speaker Buzz Caused By Your Mobile Phone

Yesterday I was working on an RFP, trying to focus on what I was doing, typing away and listening to some pretty relaxed music. Something was seriously distracting me, it was the horrid sound of interference coming through my computer speakers about once a minute thanks to the close proximity of my iPhone. I’ve been putting up with this problem for a long time, but I never checked into it. I finally tweeted my frustration, and my problem was solved right away. The solution was much easier than I anticipated.

Tin foil. UPDATE:  I am constantly being corrected…apparently it isn’t made of tin anymore, rather aluminum.  You get the idea though, go get some Reynold’s Wrap. 

It seems the GSM phones (AT&T, my carrier, uses GSM) work on a frequency that interferes with many electronic products, and you hear this interference most often in speakers (near your TV, on your computer or in your car). Both fxmixer and jmccartie suggested I use tinfoil to fix the problem, and fxmixer even linked me to this article over on Bravo! I cut out a medium sized piece of tinfoil, folded it a couple of times and put it on my desk near my speakers. I then place my iPhone on it and…instant success! This actually works, resting my iPhone on a square of tinfoil cuts out all interference!

So there you are, friends. If you are going crazy with speaker interference like I was, your solution is just a square of tinfoil away.

By Matt Singley

Personal: husband to Alison, father to four amazing kids. I used to live a fast but enjoyable life in Los Angeles, now I have chickens on acreage in Charlotte, North Carolina. Just a bit different. I'm an advocate for cycling as much as you can and eating as cleanly as you can afford. Professional: I'm the CEO of Singley + Mackie, a creative digital agency that serves well-known lifestyle and entertainment companies around the world. Clients include Microsoft, Samsung, Hulu, YP and others. If you want to find the more-professional me, go to