Are you STILL Not On Twitter?

I suppose at this point if you aren’t using Twitter then you are either a)very unlikely to no matter what I say, or b)living under a rock and haven’t heard about Twitter.

If you fall into category c, which is “I am on Twitter and I love it” add me and I’ll add you back!* Join the community, folks!

*I will add you back if you meet just a tiny bit of criteria.

  1. You aren’t a spammer. I will look at your ratio of followers/following right and know right away
  2. You have at least a full page of tweets so I can see if you do this regularly
  3. Yes, you need to tweet regularly.  People that tweet once a week are like newspapers that publish once a week.  I’m sure there is a market for both of them, but not in the economy of short attention, heavy input
  4. You aren’t on Twitter just to sell something.  I don’t mind if you do sell something on Twitter, but it had better be with a 10:1 ratio of other tweets
  5. You need to have made at least one witty comment in all of your tweets.  C’mon, dig deep! ;)

UPDATE: Just a couple of hours after writing this post we had an earthquake in Southern California.  The FIRST “news” source that I went to for info was Twitter, and within just a minute or so knew that all of my friends here were okay and all of the details of the quake. Awesome!  You can go to the old Summize site and see all of the chatter.

By Matt Singley

Personal: husband to Alison, father to four amazing kids. I used to live a fast but enjoyable life in Los Angeles, now I have chickens on acreage in Charlotte, North Carolina. Just a bit different. I'm an advocate for cycling as much as you can and eating as cleanly as you can afford. Professional: I'm the CEO of Singley + Mackie, a creative digital agency that serves well-known lifestyle and entertainment companies around the world. Clients include Microsoft, Samsung, Hulu, YP and others. If you want to find the more-professional me, go to