Don Draper Presents Facebook Timeline Mad Men Style (Video)

I absolutely love this. As a professional ad man myself, I’m fascinated with Mad Men and the dialogue, particularly between agency and client. With the very recent announcements of new Facebook timeline features, social media is buzzing with what the implications may be. In the circles I run in, a lot of people wonder how the changes affect brand advertising and engagement. If you are one of the 800 million people that use Facebook (and I’m guessing you are) do yourself a favor and watch this short video, it’s only a few minutes long.

Big props to Eric Leist for putting this together. Brilliant! If you want to watch this on Vidler, here is the original video. I love the description:

Who knew that Facebook’s newest feature was originally conceived by the Mad Men of the 1960s? In all seriousness the most compelling elements of Facebook’s Timeline are the ones that made Kodak’s Carousel popular. Reminiscing is a social activity. It always has been and now Facebook is bringing that activity online.

5 Social Media Gifts I Want From Santa

Matt Singley and Santa Clause Christmas 2010

All I want for Christmas (besides this creepy photo) is on my Social Media wish list

The holidays are upon us! Some celebrate Hanukkah, some celebrate Solstice, some celebrate Christmas. No matter your preference, I think we can all agree it’s a great time to reflect on the year behind us, be thankful for what we have today, and look to next year with hope and expectations.  Given the spirit of the season, I’ve put together a little list of things that I’ve asked Santa Clause for this year…in social media.  It’s a crazy list for sure, but if my 5 year old son can ask for a trip to the moon (and expect it to happen) I can dream big too!  I’m going to put out a plate of extra-special cookies and hope that ol’ Saint Nick brings me…

  • Hyperlinks within Tweets. Can you imagine having an extra 20 spaces or so (that’s what a typical link takes up) to say whatever you want? Instead of a tweet looking like this: “Check out this post I wrote about the upcoming Facebook Page Admin Controls and let me know what you are looking fwd to” (exactly 140 characters) it would look like this: “Check out this post I wrote about the upcoming Facebook Page Admin Controls and let me know what you are looking fwd to the very most y’all!” (still 140 characters but with more room to chat!)
  • Robust Admin Controls for Facebook Pages. I saw a sneak peak of them a while back when Facebook accidentally rolled out some new changes (you can see what I saw here) and it was definitely a step in the right direction.  Still, I would like better Insights (analytics) and the ability to ban users from a page without just flagging them.  I don’t want to wait for somebody at Facebook to *maybe* get around to it at some point. I get REALLY tired of the “first” and “gay” comments that go up on large pages all the time, but I have no tolerance for users that use hate language, attack individuals, constantly swear or link to porn
  • Overlay for YouTube videos. No, not just annotations, I want to be able to overlay the videos with graphic images.  You know…put a floating logo in the bottom corner (clickable of course), insert a graphic in the background…neat things like that. Sure, I can do this in a video editor then upload, but I would like to use full controls within YouTube proper so I can make cool SWF commands happen
  • Lists for friends in Foursquare. I treat Foursquare in a similar way as Twitter but with slightly tighter control.  Knowing that, I have a lot of “friends” on Foursquare that I would like to break into smaller groups so I can check on them in a more controlled and manageable way.  Kind of like Twitter Lists, but for Foursquare.  Foursquare Lists, anyone?
  • Dynamic backgrounds on Twitter. Everything else with Twitter has advanced over time…why not the backgrounds? Since the redesign, putting together a nice background (within the whopping 40 pixels on the left for people that view the page on a 1024×768 screen) has been a challenge to say the least.  Instead of outdated CSS and a static image I would love some basic HTML function so I could put up links to my other pages

We’ll see if I’ve been naughty or nice, I’m hoping to get these simple gifts under the virtual Christmas tree this year.  As you head into the weekend (hopefully with loved ones), I will leave you with a paraphrase of a famous work:

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

And wrote up the meta tags, then turned with a jerk,

And laying his mouse aside of his nose,

And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose;

He sprang to his keyboard, to his team gave a whistle,

And away they all coded like the down of a thistle.

But I heard him exclaim, ere he uploaded out of sight,

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.”

The Future of Technology [Video]

I love this new ad from Microsoft.  You really ought to watch it…great use of visuals, music, mood.  It’s right in place with what they’re trying to get across in their other campaigns: technology has gotten to be too much, too complicated, and now it’s time to simplify.  I think the message is being very well received.

I’ve seen a similar ad previously but won’t ruin the surprise of this one by telling you what it is.  All I can say is, I like it.

Rented Zombies and the Ford Fiesta Project

Just watched a video from the Ford Fiesta project and I love it.  Very effective for a few reasons, I think:

  • It’s sharable. They put it on YouTube and left all the appropriate code in place. Surprisingly, a lot of companies disable the embed feature.
  • It’s not too long.  Just over a minute is perfect, and reflects amazing editing skills.  I don’t even watch videos that drag on over three minutes unless something incredibly compelling is in it and I know that before I start.
  • It uses humor.  The zombie angle is funny! I think people are more likely to watch, comment and share.
  • It gets one point across. Okay, so Ford Fiesta has a great entry system with the keyless fob.  Cool! I’ll remember that.  If they also tried to tell me how spacious, fast, and comfortable it was, then dazzled me with specs on the sound system and gas mileage I would probably not retain it past the video.
  • It has my friend Jonathan Nafarrete in it! That alone makes it worthy.

So check it out, and judge it for yourself.  Effective? Why or why not? The video is embedded below, it can be found on YouTube here and the Ford Fiesta site here.


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Why Facebook Now Controls The Internet

Facebook Controls Internet with Open Graph Protocol All Your Base Are Belong To UsSince their announcements at F8 about Open Graph Protocol (OGP), I’ve been following Facebook far more closely that I normally do.  Why? From the moment I watched the videos about what OGP does, I knew that the way the internet works will be changed forever.  Today I saw something that confirms that Facebook now controls the internet. No, I’m not saying that to be sensational or dramatic, I believe it to be true…a shift has occurred with OGP that will forever change how brands and consumers interact, and Facebook owns it all.  How do I know? Because long time rival Google is already embracing Facebook’s new protocol.

More about that in a moment. But first, if you are not familiar with what Facebook has done, let me give you a very brief overview.

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Why The Nike Tiger Woods Ad Is So Good

Tiger Woods Nike Golf Ad Featuring Earl WoodsThis morning I watched the new spot from Nike that features Tiger Woods, just in time for his return to golf at The Masters. When I first viewed it, the page had already been viewed 600k+ times on YouTube. As of this writing, it’s over 1.1MM; it’s obviously getting a lot of attention. I’ve been thinking about this video all day, going back and forth about how I feel about it.  The video is embedded below, and it’s worth watching.  Let me summarize what you see:

It’s a :30 spot in black and white, with Tiger Woods standing still.  He says nothing.  He blinks.  The voice over is of his father, Earl Woods, who passed away in 2006. He is talking to his son, and says, “Tiger…I am more prone to be inquisitive; to promote discussion.  I want to find out what your thinking was, I want to find out what your feelings are, and…did you learn anything?” It flashes to a black background and the simple, iconic Nike swoosh.

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The A-Team Movie Trailer

What does this trailer for the upcoming movie “The A-Team” have to do with social media or marketing? Absolutely nothing beyond the fact you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.  But it has everything to do with being awesome…I grew up watching the original A-Team, and this looks like a worthy remake/upgrade! Video below.

Tweetdeck Update Brings Welcomed Improvements

Tweetdeck, the Adobe Air desktop app that I use for the majority of my online communication,published an update to version 0.33.00 today. They have included a lot of media previewing in the new release including media support for platforms like Flickr, Twitgoo and mobypicture.  My favorite new feature? Without a doubt a new way to delegate API calls.  Instead of being limited to 150/hour the new rate (thanks to OAuth authentication) is 350 calls per hour! In plain speak, this means that it is far more likely that you can make it through the day without seeing the dreaded “rate limit exceeded” error message.

Other nice tweaks include a fullscreen mode (PC only), the ability to record, share and watch videos clips integrated with YouTube and editable, real-time searches.

If you want a quick look at everything you are missing by not upgrading, the fine folks over at Tweetdeck were kind enough to make a 1:58 video detailing everything (embeded below).  Does anybody else find the name of the test account name they used in the video a little…odd?

If you are a Twitter user but haven’t jumped into the Tweetdeck arena, I urge you to try it out.  It’s free, runs on most platforms without issues, and makes sorting and organizing information pretty simple.

Viral Friday: Volkswagen Dog Fish

I love this one minute spot…it has everything I think a viral advertisement needs.  First, it isn’t overbranded.  I think in order for a video to be successful (at least from a commercial perspective) it must only include product and brand mentions, not shove it in our face. Second, it’s not too long; one minute is just about the max that I would go these days in order to capture the most attention.  Third, and perhaps most importantly: it has a dog fish in it.

Disclosure: I am professionally associated with Volkswagen.  That said, I had absolutely nothing to do with this ad, I found it on YouTube randomly.  I wish I did though, it cracks me up! It also will probably give me nightmares.  Enjoy.