My New Role In Social Media Marketing and Strategy

logo-v1Those of you that have been following my adventures for a while know that I put my heart, soul and mind into social media.  Since writing my own blogging platform a decade ago (the billion dollar idea that I never capitalized on…) to my almost-obsessive fascination with brand interaction on channels like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, I am constantly observing and strategizing ways to make the interaction and engagement between companies and customers better through social media. I have spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of years consulting businesses of all types and sizes regarding their engagement (or lack thereof) within these online communities.  From Fortune 100 companies that distribute hardware all around the world to non-profit agencies that are doing their best to make a difference in the world, I have worked with groups to lend insight, support, ideas and action to social media programs. Given all of that, I’m quite pleased to announce that I have taken a new role within the industry.

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Did You Know 4.0 [Video]

With so much information moving around online communities these days, it’s not often that I watch and then re-watch a 5 minute video. This morning I did just that, with the video embedded below called “Did You Know 4.0”.

You won’t see babies rollerskating or a funny wedding entrance in this…what you will see in a lot of data coming at you quickly. Data that talks about the changing communication landscape, the convergence of media and the massive impact that social networks are having on day to day life. I think it’s all incredibly fascinating, and is a brilliant and useful follow-up to another powerful video, “Shift Happens”. If you are connected to media, social networking, marketing or crowd communication in any way, please check this out and let me know what you think in the comments…not just about the video (which is top quality) but about the concepts and statistics brought up in it.

Viral Friday: Megawoosh

If this video isn’t real, it sure is edited well.  This crazy :45 spot show a guy plummeting down the world’s longest slip-n-slide and then launching into…well, you’ll just have to watch and see.

Somehow this has to do with a Microsoft Office Project 2007 site, but I don’t know exactly how because I can’t read German.  It’s fun though, and has almost at 2.5 million views as of this writing.  Enjoy MEGAWOOSH

Why You Must Deal With Negative PR

One unhappy customer has created a PR disaster for United Airlines

One unhappy customer has created a PR disaster for United Airlines

Have you seen the uber-popular YouTube video “United Breaks Guitars”?  I’ve embedded it at the bottom of this post so you can, it’s well worth 4:36 of your time to see this creative and funny look at poor customer service.  Seems Dave Carroll from the band Sons of Maxwell had his guitar broken while flying on United Airlines, and just a handful of days ago released a music video detailing his complaint. If we take what he says as truth, he spent a year trying to get some resolve and was repeatedly told “no”.  Personally I believe him because I’ve dealt with similar issues while traveling, and the corporate “no” is just too common.

If you run a business, big or small, you need to pay attention to what is happening in the world. The days of burying customer complaints are over, you need to develop a social media strategy to handle social media issues.

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140Smiles TWTRCON Pre-Event

operation-smileWhen Adventure Girl Stef Michaels invited me to the 140 Smiles event I knew I couldn’t say no.  140 Smiles is the official pre-event for TWTRCON and is designed to raise money and awarenes for Operation Smile, a 501(c)3 organization that helps children all around the world.  I’m going to ask for your help with this (just scroll down a little if you want to get right to it), but wanted to share with you a blurb about what this great organization does.

Since its founding, Operation Smile volunteers have treated more than 130,000 children born with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities and the organization has a presence in 51 countries. In addition to contributing free medical treatment, Operation Smile trains local medical professionals in its partner countries and leaves behind crucial equipment to lay the groundwork for long-term self-sufficiency.

To know me at all is to know that I am extremely sympathetic to groups like this and have personally worked to help people (particularly children) around the world in different ways for most of my life.  I know that most of you feel the same way, so I want to ask you for your help.  It’s really quite simple, you’ll make a huge difference and you get to play around with Twitter! What could be better?

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Viral Friday: Bike Hero

A lot of people play Guitar Hero, the uber popular video game.  So what do you do if you love it so much it hurts, and you have too much time and chalk on your hands?  You create Bike Hero.  Apparently this took several days. 

Below is the video for “Prisoner of Society” by The Living End.  It’s done on expert mode, but not exactly the way you are used to seeing it. It gets really good at the end, so make sure you watch the whole 3:36. I really want these guys to do this with Freebird next.

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Viral Friday: AC/DC Pwns Excel

I tweeted about this earlier today, but I think it deserves its own post.  I love fresh and creative ways of spreading content around the web, and AC/DC has put out one bizarre and intriguing product: a music video down in Low Definition Excel!  Yes, that Excel, the spreadsheet program from Microsoft.

I downloaded the .xls file just to see if it work…and it does!  I think this has viral written all over it.  If you don’t have Excel or don’t want to download the file you can watch it on YouTube as well. I’ve embedded it here for your viewing pleasure.

It’s nice to see a band that has been around for a while coming up with really new and creative ways to get some buzz going about their music!

How To Get Your Team Fired Up

If you are in a leadership position, then you know the importance of getting your group fired up, excited, motivated…ready to take on the world!  I think I’m going to start this morning ritual, shown in the video by the New Zealand rugby team.