I have a new vlog up on the front page of , go check it out.  You can leave comments here, because the vlog section of my website seems to have blown up a bit.  It’s probably the iPhone’s fault.

UPDATE: I have restored the video section, head over to the vlog to check things out.  I added some functionality also.  Per a few requests I have created embed code at the bottom of each post so you can put the videos up on your site or blog if you wish.

By Matt Singley

Personal: husband to Alison, father to four amazing kids. I used to live a fast but enjoyable life in Los Angeles, now I have chickens on acreage in Charlotte, North Carolina. Just a bit different. I'm an advocate for cycling as much as you can and eating as cleanly as you can afford. Professional: I'm the CEO of Singley + Mackie, a creative digital agency that serves well-known lifestyle and entertainment companies around the world. Clients include Microsoft, Samsung, Hulu, YP and others. If you want to find the more-professional me, go to