Facebook Steps Up The War Against Spam (And Porn!)

Facebook ads more granular controls for admins of pages

Facebook adds more granular controls for admins of pages

I was excited to read that Facebook now lets page administrators ban fans and spammers! I tweeted it, and several people replied back, “couldn’t we always do that?”  The answer is that yes, you used to be able to, but recently that ability has been taken away from several areas.

The functionality of this is back, and it’s well done! I love it, if for no other reason than page admins can now ban users based upon pictures they upload! Up to this point, it’s been a real cat and mouse game, trying to pull down questionable pictures before they were up for too many people to see.

This has been particularly problematic on some of the larger pages we manage…those with over a million fans.  Porn spammers have been getting around the Facebook rules by putting up bikini or semi-nude models in the fan pictures section, then putting the porn URL in the description.  Tricky…there wasn’t really any way to ban this before, and it couldn’t be reported as pornography because it didn’t show certain body parts.

Starting now, we page admins can flag the photo AND request to permanantly ban the user from the page, as well as take down all content they have previously posted.  This is most certainly worth the price of admission.

This may be a part of a larger effort by Facebook to crack down on spam; as I take a casual glance around some pages that I know are often targeted by these types of photo-spammers, I can’t find a single questionable image.  Either the admins have really stepped it up, or Facebook has, or both! Either way, I applaud the effort.

It’s nice to see Facebook make such a pro-admin move.  Well done, Facebook.

Are you STILL Not On Twitter?

I suppose at this point if you aren’t using Twitter then you are either a)very unlikely to no matter what I say, or b)living under a rock and haven’t heard about Twitter.

If you fall into category c, which is “I am on Twitter and I love it” add me and I’ll add you back!* Join the community, folks!

*I will add you back if you meet just a tiny bit of criteria.

  1. You aren’t a spammer. I will look at your ratio of followers/following right and know right away
  2. You have at least a full page of tweets so I can see if you do this regularly
  3. Yes, you need to tweet regularly.  People that tweet once a week are like newspapers that publish once a week.  I’m sure there is a market for both of them, but not in the economy of short attention, heavy input
  4. You aren’t on Twitter just to sell something.  I don’t mind if you do sell something on Twitter, but it had better be with a 10:1 ratio of other tweets
  5. You need to have made at least one witty comment in all of your tweets.  C’mon, dig deep! ;)

UPDATE: Just a couple of hours after writing this post we had an earthquake in Southern California.  The FIRST “news” source that I went to for info was Twitter, and within just a minute or so knew that all of my friends here were okay and all of the details of the quake. Awesome!  You can go to the old Summize site and see all of the chatter.