The Future of Technology [Video]

I love this new ad from Microsoft.  You really ought to watch it…great use of visuals, music, mood.  It’s right in place with what they’re trying to get across in their other campaigns: technology has gotten to be too much, too complicated, and now it’s time to simplify.  I think the message is being very well received.

I’ve seen a similar ad previously but won’t ruin the surprise of this one by telling you what it is.  All I can say is, I like it.

I’m All In For The City of Hope

I was approached by the City of Hope in Los Angeles and asked to do a fifteen second video about why I’m “all in” for the fight against women’s cancers. I said yes without hesitation, and as we were talking about it, I was flooded with memories of the women in my life that have been affected by cancer. I used to joke that “death runs in my family”, but really it isn’t a laughing matter. Practically every woman that I am related to has been diagnosed with some form of cancer, and most of them have died.

It’s time to end this madness, it really is.

Below is my humble contribution, I would appreciate it if you would watch it (again, it’s only fifteen seconds) and then click the “like” button right here:

If you or a woman you know has been affected by this horrible plague called cancer, a “like” will be stating that you are “all in” also.   All in for a cure.  All in to end the suffering.  All end to save our mothers, our daughters, our wives and our friends. I’m not asking you for money, or time or anything else that requires a lot of effort…just awareness. I believe in the power of social media, and how quickly a good message can spread around.

Please watch this video and share it with others.

I’m all in. Are you?

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock To Include RUSH

Yes, Activision is a client of mine.  Specifically, Guitar Hero is a project that I work very closely with.  As my buddy Agent M says, “awesome jobs are awesome”.

We helped push out the RUSH trailer yesterday, and for those of you that have played Guitar Hero before, you’ll see that this is pretty crazy game play.  The epic “2112” from RUSH is now a part of the game.  Simply awesome.  Check it out for yourself in the video below.

My Experience At The Xbox Kinect E3 Event With Cirque du Soleil

Project Natal for Xbox 360 is now Kinect for Xbox 360!Earlier in the week I had the opportunity to see the fruit of many, many weeks of labor.  Microsoft teamed with Cirque du Soleil to present the Project Natal event at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, which kicked off the week for E3, the biggest gaming convention in the world.

First, a brief explanation of my role in all of this.  Our company, M80, is the social media agency of record for Xbox, and as such we get to do some wicked-cool things with them, but this was one of the best.  For several weeks we’ve worked with teams inside and outside of Xbox to come up with hashtag programs,contact and invite people to the event and just to create general “buzz” strategies around all of this.  We use social media to amplify messages, and this event was no exception.  Without going into granular detail, I will just say that the teams at M80 and the other groups we worked with spent countless man (and woman!) hours working  to create excitement and conversation around something that most people had no detailed information about…they just knew it would be grandiose and awesome.

The event was put on two nights, Sunday the 13th and Monday the 14th, each identical to the other, and each designed to reveal the new name and features of the long-speculated and anticipated “Project Natal”.  So, at 9pm on Sunday the 14th the name was officially released to the world: the new controller-free gaming and entertainment system for Xbox will be called “Kinect“.

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Why The Nike Tiger Woods Ad Is So Good

Tiger Woods Nike Golf Ad Featuring Earl WoodsThis morning I watched the new spot from Nike that features Tiger Woods, just in time for his return to golf at The Masters. When I first viewed it, the page had already been viewed 600k+ times on YouTube. As of this writing, it’s over 1.1MM; it’s obviously getting a lot of attention. I’ve been thinking about this video all day, going back and forth about how I feel about it.  The video is embedded below, and it’s worth watching.  Let me summarize what you see:

It’s a :30 spot in black and white, with Tiger Woods standing still.  He says nothing.  He blinks.  The voice over is of his father, Earl Woods, who passed away in 2006. He is talking to his son, and says, “Tiger…I am more prone to be inquisitive; to promote discussion.  I want to find out what your thinking was, I want to find out what your feelings are, and…did you learn anything?” It flashes to a black background and the simple, iconic Nike swoosh.

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The A-Team Movie Trailer

What does this trailer for the upcoming movie “The A-Team” have to do with social media or marketing? Absolutely nothing beyond the fact you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.  But it has everything to do with being awesome…I grew up watching the original A-Team, and this looks like a worthy remake/upgrade! Video below.

How RFPs are Born [Video]

A big hat tip to @acmackie for sending this over…absolutely hilarious!  If you work in agency land, this requires no further explanation.  If you aren’t in agency land, let me set this video up for you.

An RFP is a “request for proposal”.  People at various levels of responsibility that work at marketing and creative agencies get a lot of these, and they are usually at the last minute.  When multiple agencies are working in unison to try to piece something together for a client, well…it gets a little crazy.  Countless hours of phone calls and a seemingly endless stream of emails begin, all trying to put together a presentation deck (a PowerPoint), taking up dozens or hundreds of labor hours.  As this video mentions at one point, it’s likely that the client won’t even open it. I love the computer-voice line “we may only send you one idea, since the decks we send you, you never even open”, hahaha!

If you live in a world of RFPs, please take a moment from the current deck you are working on and watch this.  You’ll thank me.

Viral Friday: Volkswagen Dog Fish

I love this one minute spot…it has everything I think a viral advertisement needs.  First, it isn’t overbranded.  I think in order for a video to be successful (at least from a commercial perspective) it must only include product and brand mentions, not shove it in our face. Second, it’s not too long; one minute is just about the max that I would go these days in order to capture the most attention.  Third, and perhaps most importantly: it has a dog fish in it.

Disclosure: I am professionally associated with Volkswagen.  That said, I had absolutely nothing to do with this ad, I found it on YouTube randomly.  I wish I did though, it cracks me up! It also will probably give me nightmares.  Enjoy.