The Best Time To Start Is Today

That thing that you have been meaning to do, but haven’t started? I want to let you know that the best time to start it is today.

The business plan you want to write up? A daily exercise routine? A new app idea? A blog about your passion? Every day you will convince yourself that there are dozens of reasons that you cannot start today. It’s too overwhelming. It’s too hot (or cold) outside. It’s too hard to explain. You’re too busy. You review your mental list of why you have to put it off until tomorrow or next week, then move on with your day. ┬áThe thing is, you have been intending to do it “tomorrow” for the last several months…or even the last several years.

Don’t let that mental list of reasons of why you can’t get in your way. Figure out what the very first step is and do it. You don’t need to complete it today, you don’t even have to get very far with it today. But you should start it today.

Now, close Twitter and Facebook and take the first step. Today is the best time to start.


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