The Return of Blogging

The first tweet I sent that contained a reply and a link. Everything changed after that.

With the exception of a couple of videos that I liked, I haven’t posted anything of substance on this blog since February 28, 2011…almost 2.5 years ago. As somebody who has consistently blogged since 2000, a lot of people asked me why I tapered off and then stopped altogether.  The answer is fairly simply, really: there were other outlets that proved to be a better use of my time, and in which I saw greater reward.

To me, marketing has always been about finding opportunities to stand out from the other person or company. It’s about being found among too many choices. It’s about getting somebody’s attention so that you can (hopefully) deliver something of value to them. Several years ago, blogging had become such an over-saturated way of conveying messages that people stopped paying attention as much.  More so than anything, Twitter changed communication for me. Five years ago, I found communication through Twitter to be far more effective, and delivering my message (or those of clients) was best done there. The picture at the top of this post is the first tweet I ever sent out that contained a username and a link to content…and I’ve hardly looked back since.

Now, halfway through 2013, Twitter has a lot of noise. Not just Twitter, but also Facebook and the other popular social networks. Brands have moved in and spent insane amounts of money to put ads on your sidebars and into your timelines (I know this because I have helped many of them to do so).  I still love Twitter, but social media has become one hell of an echo chamber, and I don’t feel it is the most effective way to stand out with a message.

I believe in cyclical behavior. Although technology will continue to expand and amaze us, I think that human behavior behaves more like a pendulum than a growth-chart that always goes up and to the right.  I think the pendulum is swinging back, and though I don’t think Facebook and Twitter are going anyway but up, I think that blogging will make a nice resurgence over the next 18 months as a truly viable way to grow, engage and convert audiences to your message/product/cause.  Because of all of this, I believe that blogging is swinging back to being a good use of my time, and that I will start to see a greater reward from it than a few years ago.

As a CEO, I get to experience a lot…both successes and failure. I’m excited to share the things I have learned, and continue to learn, with you.

And so we shall see if this prediction of a blogging resurgence comes true.  It’s not a risky position for me to take, nor a wild prognostication to bet on, as blogging has never really gone away, it’s just adapted to the market.  No, something crazy would be predicting the use of direct-mail pieces as an effective way to reach your audience. Guess what? I actually do believe that is starting to have some truth in it, but that is another post for another time.

By Matt Singley

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