Twitter Karma Lets You View Your Relationships

When I wrote a post about Qwitter, several people let me know that they just couldn’t handle knowing when somebody quits following them on Twitter, that it’s just too much of a blow to their ego.  To those who feel this way, I would caution you against using this service as well, because it will reveal much more.

Twitter Karma

Twitter Karma

While Qwitter only tells you who stops following you, Twitter Karma reveals the depth of your “relationship” with others on Twitter.  This excellent free service will ask you for your Twitter username and password, then after some time gathering info, will show you a chart of how you interact with others.  Some people follow you but you don’t follow them, and you follow some people that don’t follow you back.  Probably the majority of relationships show that you follow them and they follow you, unless you are spammer.  But then again, if you are a spammer you don’t care about this service. Also, if you are a spammer, shame on you.  Please go away.  Moving on…

Beyond satisfying your morbid curiosity for who follows you back, there is some use to this.  Through changes at Twitter and changes in peoples accounts, I have inadvertently stopped following people over time without meaning too.  I’m not sure if this holds true today, but it used to be that if you had a public profile and then changed to private you dropped most, if not all, of your followers.  I spent a great deal of time on the phone with Cynthia Ware testing this out, and we found it to be true.  If you have changed your account from public to private and don’t understand why so many people quit following you, now you know.  It wasn’t their fault…you booted them off!

There is also a neat feature that I haven’t mentioned, the bulk follow and unfollow.  You can “check all” and then click bulk follow.  You can be more selective, working your way down the page and checking only the people you want to, and click “bulk unfollow”.  I find this very, very useful.  So what do you think, is there a good place for Twitter Karma is your world?


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