Today used to be my birthday. Last year, that changed, and I no longer recognize January 13th as anything other than another day. That’s actually not entirely true. January 13th is a heavy day for me, it’s one day after my daughter, Chloe, died. Ever since that horrible day in 2021, my (now former) birthday […]


Today marks one year since my daughter died. Just writing that sentence is devastating. I miss her terribly. This last year feels like the shortest year of my life, as well as the longest. I know that is not possible, and time flows on the way it always does, but I remember it like it […]


It’s amazing how something as basic as the premise of love can cause so much suffering. I use the term ‘basic’ here as in a base feeling, not as something simple. I think about this a lot particular as it relates to my children; all children, really. As I have grown older, something I took […]