Today used to be my birthday. Last year, that changed, and I no longer recognize January 13th as anything other than another day. That’s actually not entirely true. January 13th is a heavy day for me, it’s one day after my daughter, Chloe, died. Ever since that horrible day in 2021, my (now former) birthday […]


Today one of our employees got scammed, and they used my name to do it. I’m heartbroken for her, and feel so violated personally even though I had no part of it. Apparently the scam of impersonating “the boss” and asking employees to buy gift cards is a thing. I had not heard of it […]


If you have spent any amount of time online, you have probably seen somebody mention FOMO… Fear Of Missing Out. It’s that terrible, nagging instinct that if you don’t check your Twitter or Instagram, you are going to miss something. Something important. Something big. Something that everybody else already knows about…but why don’t you? You […]


It’s amazing how something as basic as the premise of love can cause so much suffering. I use the term ‘basic’ here as in a base feeling, not as something simple. I think about this a lot particular as it relates to my children; all children, really. As I have grown older, something I took […]