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Today one of our employees got scammed, and they used my name to do it. I’m heartbroken for her, and feel so violated personally even though I had no part of it. Apparently the scam of impersonating “the boss” and asking employees to buy gift cards is a thing. I had not heard of it […]


One of the (many) shortcomings that we humans have is always wanting more. Particularly in an absolute capitalistic society, the desire for more is ever-present, and the finish line never arrives, unless we are very intentional about developing tolerance. I think one of the more common examples of tolerance is alcohol. If you only have […]


It’s amazing how something as basic as the premise of love can cause so much suffering. I use the term ‘basic’ here as in a base feeling, not as something simple. I think about this a lot particular as it relates to my children; all children, really. As I have grown older, something I took […]